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Our Story

Atmosphere Leisure Product

At Atmosphere Leisure, we have our heart in what we produce and share with our customers.

We were living our dream in a log cabin on 23 acres of land in beautiful Wisconsin. We love Mother Nature and the natural beauty that it provides.

In decorating our cabin, we found it difficult to find décor that had the warmth and feeling that we were looking for. So much of today’s decorative market is filled with mass produced products, perfectly made of plastic resins. Products that lacked creativity, differentiation, character, and a sense of individualism. Products in which the design is only limited by the number of plastic molds available.

We felt there must be others like us that were looking for that same warmth and feeling. We were so interested in finding a solution that we decided to start our own company in 2013 that would provide decorative solutions for those like ourselves that appreciate the natural beauty of hand carved wood products.

Of all the art forms, wood carving is the oldest developed skill in the history of man. It is the true expression of an artist. Although we offer multiples of the same product, each piece is individually hand carved. Although many look the same, each piece is different.

With just a few simple tools and the wood carver’s unique strokes of their hands, beautiful products are produced. These products are not mass produced with power equipment or assembly lines, but by individuals working at their own pace to create a special and unique product from their heart.

Atmosphere works directly with each of our carver’s to create exclusive product designs that we can provide to you. Our products are 100% hand carved and hand painted by a team of carver’s that are dedicated to this art. After carving, our products are then finished the natural way with a layer of wax that protects the wood and provides a soft lustrous sheen to look as natural as possible.

We specialize in offering you hand carved/hand painted wildlife carvings that can be used as furniture accents, wall art, sculptures, signage, and other decorative accents at an affordable price.

We hope the products you purchase from Atmosphere Leisure warms your heart and are that special decorative piece that gives you a warm feeling for years to come.

What could be more perfect in your home or as a gift than something from God’s creation, Mother Nature.